Climate Change & You – Let’s Get the Basics Right

This is a quick refresher course on the basics of Climate Change
·Published on:February 15, 2022
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Welcome to GBRI’s mini “gamified” course on Climate Change and You – Let’s Get the Basics Right! There is so much information out there on global warming and climate change. At times these basic terms are used inter changeably and incorrectly. It may make sense to do a quick revision to refresh your memory and get our basics right. This is a quick refresher course on the basics.
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  1. In my experience the video is right – climate change cannot be adequately addressed in silos. It often sits within an environmental or natural resource management agency to message the impacts and solutions which are largely focused on the natural or physical environment. In recent years the links to climate change impacts on livelihoods, quality of life as we know it and other socio-economic/socio-political effects are being published, but more emphasis on research and widespread media coverage in these areas need to be consumed by the average person, businesses of all sizes and policymakers at all levels.

  2. Someone who is new to the industry, this was extremely informative! I can’t wait to learn more about the actions I can take.

  3. Hi,

    This course contains many great information and easy to understanding what doing on now regarding climate change.

    Thank you.

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