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Bigger and Better: The New LEED v4

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In order to reach where it is now, LEED v4 completed six rounds of public comments, beginning in November 2010 and ending in March 2013. Each round gave members of the public the ability to weigh in on the proposed changes and USGBC the ability to gather feedback on the continual refinement of the new version of the rating system. According to the USGBC, through this process, over 23,000 comments were gathered and analyzed to create multiple drafts before launching the final system in November 2013.

This course walks you through the main highlights of the much anticipated LEED v4 rating system. After several comment periods, the final version is now in place. LEED v4 is the rating system that recognizes sustainability efforts must be more aggressive from this point forward, if the built environment is to become more compatible with the conditions of the natural environment. The course compares LEED v4 to the previous version LEED v3.0 and highlights major differences and additions. This course also offers a preview of our LEED v4 project management series, an advanced credit earned through credit analysis of LEED v4 in the context of a project.

What you will learn

  1. Analyze LEED v4’s impact on future and current green building projects
  2. Understand how it affects present and future LEED professionals
  3. Review and analyze the major differences in credit language, requirements, codes and compliance as compared to LEED v3
  4. Understand the future of LEED & Other Green Building Rating Systems

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