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A Well-Being Oasis in the Heart of London: A Case Study of One Heddon Street

A Well-Being Oasis in the Heart of London: A Case Study of One Heddon Street

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Welcome aboard on this journey into the heart of London, where One Heddon Street stands as an oasis of well-being amidst the bustling city life. In this case study course, we’ll take you through a comprehensive exploration of how the WELL Building Standard has been masterfully applied in this vibrant project.

One Heddon Street will serve as our guide, illuminating real-world examples of how buildings can be thoughtfully designed to foster not just productivity, but holistic wellness.

Embark on this exploration with us, and witness how buildings can be designed to promote healthier lives. Prepare to be inspired by how One Heddon Street is not just a place to work but a vibrant ecosystem that fosters well-being.

Welcome to ‘A Well-Being Oasis in the Heart of London: A Case Study of One Heddon Street,’ a part of GBRI’s enlightening course series ‘Healthy Buildings, Healthy Lives: WELL Case Studies.’ In this immersive journey, we invite you to explore the transformative power of the WELL Building Standard in creating spaces that prioritize human health and wellness. Using One Heddon Street as our focal point, we navigate the heart of London to uncover how this bustling urban setting houses an oasis of well-being.

Throughout this course, we meticulously dissect how WELL principles were employed in the One Heddon Street project. We delve into the unique features and design strategies that set it apart as a beacon of wellness in built environments. We will also analyze the top benefits derived from such healthy buildings, demonstrating the real-world impact of WELL principles.

So, whether you’re an architect, a sustainability professional, or an enthusiastic life-long learner interested in the intersection of design, sustainability, and human wellness, this course and the series offers a rich, in-depth understanding of practical WELL implementation.

Join us in this invigorating exploration and be inspired by the ways in which One Heddon Street transcends conventional workspaces to become a thriving ecosystem that nurtures well-being.

What you will learn

• Provide a comprehensive overview of the WELL Building Standard, including its origins and development.
• Detail the specific features of the WELL Building Standard version 2.0, and how they were incorporated into the design of One Heddon Street.
• Highlight and explain the top three benefits of healthy buildings, illustrated by examples from One Heddon Street.
• Analyze the One Heddon Street project as a real-world example to demonstrate the practical application of the WELL Building Standard.
• Identify and comprehend the wellness design strategies employed in One Heddon Street, focusing on how they were used to achieve the sustainability and well-being goals set out for the project.

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