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Vessi is a Vancouver-based ingenious sneaker company that manufactures shoes that do not just look stylish, but keep your feet dry even in the most inclement weather conditions. Whether it is snowing or raining incessantly, with Vessi sneakers, you never have to worry about wet feet. Also, these sneakers are super breathable, which means your […]

After grappling with drought-like conditions since quite some time now, California is increasingly focusing on sustainable, resilient and reliable water solutions. Paso Robles, California, recently announced the completion of the Tertiary Treatment Facilities at its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), which is one of the largest, most complex infrastructure projects in the history of the 130-year-old […]

In a tragic incident, eleven elephants died after jumping off a waterfall in Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park, also called Ravine of Hell, while trying to save a three-year-old calf from drowning. The tragedy took place on Saturday and initially, the officials pegged the death toll at six. However, five additional elephants were confirmed dead on Tuesday […]