WEEK 5 – Energy & Atmosphere | BD+C

Welcome to the LEED v4 BD+C Module 6 – Energy and Atmosphere Quiz.

Once you are finished with the a section, we encourage you to complete the section quizzes. ​ Review each question and answer thoroughly, even you made the correct answer choice. When you are answering questions, learn to identify the following key points:

A. Learn to identify definitive words (MUST vs. SHOULD, CAN, MAY, etc).

B. Identify the right answers.

C. Identify why the wrong answers are wrong and research what would make them right answers. If the question said … or this answer would apply to this credit … or this answer choice is not relevant to LEED at all.

A score of 80% or higher in each category is a good indicator that you are well prepared. ​ If your score is below 80%, identify your gaps and revise the online module as applicable before re-taking the quiz.

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