The Roots of a Greener Home - CE Version
The Roots of a Greener Home

The Roots of a Greener Home – CE Version



The Roots of a Greener Home describes more than 130 projects and practices that will help you “green” your home, your surroundings, and your lifestyle while helping you earn 60 GBCI/AIA CE Hours.

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Product Description

The Roots of a Greener Home articles offer an in-depth look at sustainable residential projects and solutions to impact the environment positively while addressing common issues and needs in a home. The articles can be purchased individually or as a whole e-book.


The countless articles published every day on climate change, the depletion of the ozone layer, water shortages, air and water pollution, and carbon emissions remind us that our environment is suffering. Though it may be tempting to point fingers, we each must accept responsibility for the current problems.

So what do we do? How can we ever hope to mitigate, and perhaps even reverse, the crisis?

The solution lies in you and me. Since everyday decisions are to blame, doesn’t it make sense to change the thinking behind those decisions? But this can only happen through one person at a time. That’s where this book comes in. Filled with practical information and suggestions for greening your lifestyle and home, including basic how-to’s, the Roots of a Greener Home will help you take manageable steps towards sustainability. And the small steps you take can accumulate into big changes for the entire world.

Roots of a Greener Home describes more than 130 projects and practices like this one that will help you “green” your home, your surroundings, and your lifestyle. The book is divided into four main sections: Home and Garden, Home Improvements, Home Savings, and Home and Lifestyle. Each of these sections is then further divided into categories that address the components of the home from roof to floor and everything in between, including landscaping, lighting, water conservation practices, energy savings, cleaning, health and nutrition, transportation, and home audits that can lower the consumption of natural resources.

Many projects can be implemented by homeowners while some require professional assistance.

Under each category, you will find a brief introduction along with a list of projects. Each project has the following elements:

1. A brief explanation of the topic
2. Possible environmental benefits
3. Pros and cons from the homeowner’s perspective
4. Basic steps to give the homeowner a good idea of what is involved
5. Cost Estimator for a standard 1,500-square-foot home
6. Quick Tips that the homeowner needs to know to make the project better or easier and avoid potential problems
7. A Project Rating box that includes a rating for five attributes of the project: level of difficulty, cost, maintenance, home value, and savings.

Good luck on your green journey. We’re “rooting” for you!


  1. Examine a sustainable project and concept to positively impact the environment by gaining an understanding of the issue at hand and steps to achieve and implement a project that offers a solution.
  2. Analyze the effects this project has on the environment and your home regarding home value, pros and cons of implementing and savings potential.
  3. Consider various options for implementation including different material options, steps and strategies to successfully implement and tips to expedite the process.
  4. Understand the cost and maintenance requirements associated with implementing the project successfully over the long-term life of your home.

66.5 CE Hours Content available online | on-demand


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