LEED v4 Project Experience for BD+C Exam Prep
LEED v4 Project Experience for BD+C Exam Prep

LEED v4 Project Experience for BD+C Exam Prep



Product Description

LEED Project experience is not a requirement to take the LEED AP exams any more (as of July 2014). But for the first time, LEED project experience competency will be assessed objectively within the LEED AP exam itself.  Unlike previous test specifications which focused solely on the Knowledge Domains, the LEED v4 test specifications also focus on Task Domains. Task Domains reflect the tasks necessary to perform LEED safely and effectively.

GBRI’s Exam Preparation Package is uniquely designed to teach LEED exam prep in the context of a real LEED project so that candidates can earn proficiency in knowledge as well as task domains. We have strategically designed our LEED Project Experience program to accommodate LEED exam preparation sessions that enable students to grasp LEED credit intents, requirements, reference standards, calculations, strategies, challenges and processes in the background of a registered LEED project. Students will have access to an actual LEED v4 registered project.

Why take GBRI’s LEED Project Experience Program?

  • Hands on experience

    Learn the LEED certification process by working on a real LEED project and boost your resume

  • Pass the LEED AP Exam

    Prepare for your LEED Exam Simultaneously

  • Convenience

    Online and on-demand access to meetings

  • Flexibility

    Three options to pick from: 4 weekly live meetings, 1 live meeting and the rest on demand, or a 1-day live ‘power session’

  • Expert Help


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