LEED Green Associate Practice Exams - 5 Mock Exams With Answers

LEED Green Associate Practice Exams


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Are You Ready To Take The LEED Exam? Put Your Knowledge To Test With GBRI’s LEED Green Associate Practice Tests.

With 5 Practice Tests -100 Questions Each, You Will Get The Feel Of The Actual LEED Exam.

Product Description

Access within 1 Business Day!

5 Simulated Mock Exams!

#1 Selling LEED v4 Practice Tests

Go Into Your LEED Exam Confidently!

Simulate LEED Green Associate Exam Experience And Identify Your Knowledge Gaps Quickly With GBRI's Practice Tests.

Get The Feel Of The Actual LEED Exam

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What's included in my purchase?

  • You will receive access to 5 LEED Green Associate practice tests with 500+ practice questions and answer explanations.

  • Each practice test has questions that represent all LEED knowledge domains just like the actual exam.  Questions will appear randomly from various concepts and not in a particular order.

  • Once you have completed the mock exam, review each question and answer even if you selected the CORRECT answer choice to identify your gaps.

  • A score of 85% or higher is a good indicator of being well prepared.  If your score is below 85%, identify your gaps and review the online modules (available for purchase) as applicable before retaking the practice exam.

What Are USGBC Pro-Reviewers Saying?

“I recommend this course to anyone planning to take the LEED Green Associate exam to pinpoint areas that require further study and develop a better understanding of the information you need to master in order to pass.”

Jerzy WojcikJerzy WojcikDirector, JW_A 

“The mock exam is easy to use and will gauge your knowledge of the LEED Green Associate Material. The questions are of high quality and the system is simple to use. You only have two attempts at each questions, so be prepared.”

Vickie BreemesVickie BreemesDirector of Advanced Building Technologies

How will this work?

Purchase your practice tests today.

Receive access within 1 business day and get started!

Successfully complete your practice tests then take the real exam!

Written and developed by LEED industry experts including...


Jeslin Varghese, WELL AP, LEED AP and PMP – Director of Sustainability @GBRI

Veronica Flores, LEED AP, GGP – Certified Instructor @GBRI

Kayla Gerstenberg, LEED AP BD+C – Director of Education @GBRI

Felicia Fuller, LEED Green Associate – Manager of Certifications and Education


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