Corporate Sustainability Reporting :Getting Started Webinar and Course
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Corporate Sustainability Reporting: Getting Started


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Product Description

Sustainability reporting has become mainstream and a must-do for corporations, with 81 percent of S&P 500 companies publishing sustainability reports last year compared to 20 percent in 2011.If you’re interested in Corporate Sustainability Reporting but don’t know where to begin, this course is for you!


Corporate sustainability describes business practices that are built around social and environmental considerations. It also formulates strategies to build a business that fosters longevity through transparency. In the past, most supporters of corporate sustainability reporting spoke about the intangible benefits of reporting, such as employee loyalty or reputation among consumers. However, increasing research suggests that benefits also extend to the firm’s balance sheet.

This one-hour course outlines what corporate sustainability reporting is, why it is important, and what companies should be doing it. The course also covers the different types of corporate sustainability reporting, and what goes into a report with walk-through on the process of putting a report together. We also cover case studies of different companies currently participating in corporate sustainability reporting.

Join us as GBRI senior Research Associate Ross Diliegro explores this topic in detail.


  1. Understand the concept of corporate sustainability reporting
  2. Analyze the different types and components of corporate sustainability reporting
  3. Differentiate between the most commonly used corporate sustainability reporting frameworks
  4. Identify the processes and steps involved in corporate sustainability reporting
  5. Learn from real corporate sustainability reporting case studies

1 CE Hours Content available online | on-demand


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