Biophilic Design: A Truly Sustainable Solution

Biophilic Design: A Truly Sustainable Solution


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Can our understanding of the science of biophilic design help create healthier buildings? Is biophilic design a truly sustainable solution? Join us to see amazing examples and learn more!



Please watch Biophilic Design: A Truly Sustainable Solution – Part 1 before watching this course.

The term “biophilia” is gaining a lot of attention since it’s been part of the WELL Building Standard following the footsteps of the Living Building Challenge. Join us to learn how biophilia has developed over time, and what science has to say about it today. Your knowledge about this emerging field of design will expand your toolkit, incite innovative ideas, and give you a unique perspective. By the end of this course, you will understand how biophilic design impacts health and wellbeing as well as the bottom line, and how you can use biophilic design in your own work.

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  1. Understand how biophilia can influence design
  2. Investigate how biophilic design can impact human health
  3. Learn how to apply biophilic design to your own work
  4. Explore the potential economic benefits of biophilic design
  5. See powerful examples of biophilic design in the real world
  6. And ask why biophilic design now

.5 CE Hours Content available online | on-demand


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