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What's Included In Our WELL AP Exam Study Prep ?

    • WELL AP Study Guide: The Best Comprehensive Study Guide

    • Module Wise Practice Quizzes: 500+ Practice Test Questions With Answer Explanations

    • Self-Paced Online Study Modules: Access It On Any Device 24 x 7 for 1 full year

    • Flash Cards & Memory Charts: Study On The Go For Your WELL AP Exam!

    • MP3 Audio Files: Study Anytime On Your Phone Or Music Player

    • Mock Exams/Practice Tests: 5 Practice Tests Simulated Like the Actual WELL AP Exam!

What Are USGBC Pro-Reviewers Saying?

“This course is as advertised in the title “All-Inclusive” and will have you well prepared for the WELL AP exam. There are several things that I liked about this course. The course format is great as the presentations are broken out into small segments that allow you to repeat a section if needed, skip ahead as needed, or come back to something at a later time. The course is also loaded with content that includes the presentation slides, presentation audios (for you to listen on the go), a Suggested Road Map, and loaded Study Guide. There are multiple practice exams that closely match the type of questions you will see on the WELL AP.” –

“Attendees need not have started studying for the exam prior to taking this course; it truly is “all-inclusive.” There are multiple presentations, practice quizzes, and resources within this course meant to fully prepare attendees to pass the WELL AP exam.

What I liked best about this course was the “WELL AP Exam Prep Suggested Road Map.” –

Summer Minchew

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Jeslin Varghese, WELL AP, LEED AP and PMP – Director of Sustainability @GBRI

Veronica Flores, LEED AP, GGP – Certified Instructor @GBRI

Kayla Gerstenberg, LEED AP BD+C – Director of Education @GBRI

Felicia Fuller, LEED Green Associate – Manager of Certifications and Education

1 review for All-Inclusive WELL AP Exam Preparation

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    This is an ambitious course. I became a WELL AP in August (which I think was before this course became available), but I know that I would have been more confident when taking the exam if I had used the extensive studying materials (videos, pdf study guides, and practice exams) which this course provides. The exam is difficult and detail-oriented (as it should be, considering the vast amount of information that is contained in the WELL Building Standard), and this course would be a very helpful tool in preparing to take the exam.

    Even if you are more of a visual learner who prefers studying at your own pace (this is how I tend to learn best when preparing for an exam), this course would still be helpful . The videos are enjoyable, and the pdf study guides are definitely preferable to just working with the free pdfs available on the International WELL Building Institute’s website (although I can’t speak for the WELL AP Preparation Guide and WELL AP Practice Tests, which I just saw are now available for purchase through the IWBI’s new WELL AP Study Plan web page). When I studied for the WELL AP exam, I only had the free study materials which I had downloaded and printed from the IWBI website (and a few highlighters which ran out of ink as I became highlighter-happy with the many phrases, statistics, and metrics that I thought I might need to re-review before the exam) – this was stressful. When watching the videos in this course and reading through the study guides, I imagined how much less stressed I would have been if I had taken this course when studying for the exam this summer. I also enjoyed re-reviewing the WELL Building Standard material in a new way while taking this course.

    In addition to the “All-Inclusive WELL AP Exam Prep: I am doing WELL! Are You?” introductory video (which I’d recommend even if you are not yet sure whether you would like to pursue becoming a WELL AP), this course includes a video for each WELL Concept category. The WELL Concept videos’ narrators vary, but they are all very engaging speakers. I liked how each video’s narrator introduced themselves as the module instructor and made each video feel more personal. I particularly liked the Mind Concept video (although this is also my favorite WELL Concept). One technical note on the videos – I did not encounter audio issues with the videos that I watched on my desktop, but there were quite a few times when watching the other videos on my iPad that the audio would randomly cut out when the course switched to a new slide. If this happens to you, click on the previous slide in the module outline to the left, and the audio should fix itself.

    This is an excellent course – I would definitely recommend it if you are considering whether to use this course in preparing for the WELL AP exam.

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