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Add the new and impressive WELL AP credential to your resume with GBRI’s All-inclusive Exam Prep. A WELL AP credential distinguishes building professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the WELL Building Standard, building codes and standards in the sustainability industry. Stand out from the crowd with the new WELL AP credential. With GBRI’s Study Materials, earn your WELL AP in as little as 5 weeks. Based on your schedule and preferences, utilize self-paced online on-demand exam prep modules or comprehensive study guide or both. Packed with 500+ practice questions and 5 Mock Exams, GBRI’s Exam Prep includes memory tools, cheat sheets, audio files and everything you need to pass your WELL exam.


This exclusive online exam preparation package will prepare you to take your WELL AP exam through online instruction modules, a comprehensive study guide, multiple practice tests , and handy memory charts. You will receive all of these study materials and more for one low price. You will be prepared for all of the knowledge domains or concepts presented to you on exam. Pass your exam with ease and prepare yourself for your future!
Receive all of these GBRI Education Partner Exclusives with purchase:
✔ Self-Paced On-demand Modules
✔ Comprehensive Study Guide
✔ Memory tools and cheat sheets
✔ Concept wise practice quizzes
✔ 5 Mock Exams

This course is registered for 6 AIA LU/HSWs. To receive AIA LU/HSW credit for this course, view all of the included sessions and then return to this page to take the quiz. Please ensure that your AIA number is included in your account. Once you have passed the quiz, you will have access to a PDF certificate of completion and your hours will be reported to AIA. Please note that since this course is aimed at preparing for an exam, it is not eligible for GBCI continuing education hours.

Note: USGBC is not responsible for content provided by third parties. Further, the purchase of the study material does not, in any event, guarantee passing of the examination.


  1. Understand WELL concepts as it relates to the WELL AP Exam
  2. Identify and Understand the WELL certification process
  3. Distinguish between preconditions & optimizations
  4. Learn how to prepare for the WELL AP professional role
  5. Analyze requirements, strategies and documentation to comply with preconditions and features
  6. Successfully Prepare for the WELL AP exam with practice quizzes and mock exams

3 reviews for All-Inclusive WELL AP Exam Prep

  1. 5 out of 5


    I just passed the exam. Thank you guys! I used the study guide and mock exams the most since I was already familiar with the features from previous FREE webinars.Thank you!

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is an ambitious course. I became a WELL AP in August (which I think was before this course became available), but I know that I would have been more confident when taking the exam if I had used the extensive studying materials (videos, pdf study guides, and practice exams) which this course provides. The exam is difficult and detail-oriented (as it should be, considering the vast amount of information that is contained in the WELL Building Standard), and this course would be a very helpful tool in preparing to take the exam.

    Even if you are more of a visual learner who prefers studying at your own pace (this is how I tend to learn best when preparing for an exam), this course would still be helpful . The videos are enjoyable, and the pdf study guides are definitely preferable to just working with the free pdfs available on the International WELL Building Institute’s website (although I can’t speak for the WELL AP Preparation Guide and WELL AP Practice Tests, which I just saw are now available for purchase through the IWBI’s new WELL AP Study Plan web page). When I studied for the WELL AP exam, I only had the free study materials which I had downloaded and printed from the IWBI website (and a few highlighters which ran out of ink as I became highlighter-happy with the many phrases, statistics, and metrics that I thought I might need to re-review before the exam) – this was stressful. When watching the videos in this course and reading through the study guides, I imagined how much less stressed I would have been if I had taken this course when studying for the exam this summer. I also enjoyed re-reviewing the WELL Building Standard material in a new way while taking this course.

    In addition to the “All-Inclusive WELL AP Exam Prep: I am doing WELL! Are You?” introductory video (which I’d recommend even if you are not yet sure whether you would like to pursue becoming a WELL AP), this course includes a video for each WELL Concept category. The WELL Concept videos’ narrators vary, but they are all very engaging speakers. I liked how each video’s narrator introduced themselves as the module instructor and made each video feel more personal. I particularly liked the Mind Concept video (although this is also my favorite WELL Concept). One technical note on the videos – I did not encounter audio issues with the videos that I watched on my desktop, but there were quite a few times when watching the other videos on my iPad that the audio would randomly cut out when the course switched to a new slide. If this happens to you, click on the previous slide in the module outline to the left, and the audio should fix itself.

    This is an excellent course – I would definitely recommend it if you are considering whether to use this course in preparing for the WELL AP exam.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Attendees need not have started studying for the exam prior to taking this course; it truly is “all-inclusive.” There are multiple presentations, practice quizzes, and resources within this course meant to fully prepare attendees to pass the WELL AP exam.

    What I liked best about this course was the “WELL AP Exam Prep Suggested Road Map.” This is available under Resources at the Study Instructions and Resources page. This study guide gives practical advice for a comprehensive seven-week WELL AP Exam prep schedule that directly ties in with the modules of this course.

    The first module gives an overview of IWBI, and background, concepts, and exam specifications for WELL. What follows are specific modules focused on each WELL Concept: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind. Each of these individual courses include a detailed description of each pre-condition and optimization as they apply to project types, the associated body systems, and the number of questions and concepts likely to appear on the WELL AP exam. Finally there are 5 mock exams for users to test their knowledge.

    My exam date is in exactly seven weeks and I feel confident that I will be prepared thanks to this detailed and timely course. This is a comprehensive and user-friendly exam prep resource and I would recommend this to anyone planning to take the WELL AP exam.

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