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 Daylighting 101


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Product Description

Daylighting is defined as the controlled admission of natural light into a space in order to achieve desirable visual levels, while reducing the amount of artificial energy necessary. The design team must implement daylighting at the beginning of a project’s design because considering ways to daylight a building can determine its form, siting, layout, and components.


In a world newly concerned about carbon emissions, global warming, and sustainable design, the planned use of natural light in buildings has become an important strategy to improve energy efficiency by minimizing lighting, heating, and cooling loads. The introduction of innovative, advanced daylighting strategies and systems can considerably reduce a building’s electricity consumption and also significantly improve the quality of light in an indoor environment.


  1. Understand Daylighting Basics​
  2. Learn the History of Daylighting​
  3. Identify Daylighting Strategies​
  4. Analyze Daylighting Analysis Methods

1 CE Hours Content available online | on-demand


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