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This blog entry is in response to a request to cover green financial incentives in Pennsylvania.

Many of Pennsylvania’s incentives for green building and energy efficiency are available only for commercial and industrial sectors or are through the form of loans. However, there are some valuable rebates available for residents through local utility providers.


Before participating in any program, be sure to visit the company’s website first to make sure you follow any special requirements to qualify (such as saving receipts, filling out an application, etc.). Act quick because there is a limited amount of money available for rebates.

PPL Electric Utilities has an appliance recycling program where customers can have old, working refrigerators or freezers picked up for free and get $35 for each appliance (limit two). Throw in an inefficient, working air conditioner during pick up and get $25 per unit (limit four). Plus, if you would like to buy a new energy efficient refrigerator, you can get a $25 rebate and a $35 check for recycling your old one through a PPL partnership with Sears and Best Buy. Contact your local store for arrangements.

PPL also offers rebates and incentives for new energy efficient appliances, water heaters, lighting installations, and other products. To reduce times of peak electricity demand, PPL is providing free installation of a Digital Cycling Unit on central AC units and heat pumps. The unit allows PPL to automatically coordinate participating units to help balance the demand for electricity during June 1 to Sept. 30. Every year you participate, you will get $32 per unit.

Apart from rebates, PPL offers discounts on their home energy surveys and audits, 20 percent off purchases made through their online Energy Store, and provides a Payment Assistance Plan to help income-eligible customers reduce their energy use by providing insulation improvements, energy efficient appliance replacements, and energy conservation education.

Philadelphia Gas Works is offering rebates for residents who purchase new, energy-efficient furnaces or boilers. Residents can get $250 for a natural gas furnace or $1,000 for a natural gas boiler; either must have an AFUE of 94 percent of greater. Add on a programmable thermostat and get $35. Apply by August 31, 2011.

First Energy (MetEd, Penelec, Penn Power) has a recycling program where residents can get free pick up and a $50 rebate for a working fridge or freezer (limit two), and $25 for a working air conditioner until Dec. 31. Other appliance rebates include $75 for purchasing new, energy-efficient appliances such as clothes washers, air conditioners, and refrigerators; $10 for products such as surge protectors and LED holiday light sets, and $300 for heat pump or electric water heaters.

HVAC rebates are available, too, including $75 for a tune-up of an existing central air conditioner, $300 for the installation of a new high-efficiency central air conditioner, $400 for an air-to-air heat pump, and up to $217/ton for the installation of an Energy Star geothermal heat pump. Discounts on home energy audits and a $500 rebate for the installation of a high-efficiency solar thermal water heating system are also available.

PECO offers a similar recycling program, except customers receive $35 for freezers and fridges, and $10 for air conditioning units. PECO’s Energy Star product rebates include $50 for a refrigerator, freezer, or washer, $25 for a dish washer, $10 for a dehumidifier, and $25 for a room air conditioner.

PECO’s natural gas customers can benefit from a $300 rebate for installing a high-efficiency natural gas furnace or boiler with a 90 percent or higher AFUE rating, $50 for installing a high-efficiency natural gas storage tank water heater with an Energy Factor of .67 or greater, and $200 for the conversion to a natural gas furnace or boiler from another fuel source.

Allegheny Power customers can take advantage of rebates when purchasing new Energy Star products, including $1.50 to $3 for a CFL purchases, $25 for a dishwasher, room air conditioner, freezer, HVAC tune-up, programmable thermostat, or an electric clothes dryer, $50 for a refrigerator, $75 for a clothes washer, $200 for a central air conditioner or heat pump, and $225 for a water heater purchase.

Allegheny’s recycling program includes rebates of $25 for a room air conditioner and $35 for a refrigerator or freezer. Customers can also request a free CFL Energy Conservation Kit that includes 6 CFL bulbs. Low income customers can apply for the Watt Watchers Low-Income Home Performance Program, which provides free services to improve energy efficiency, such as insulation and electric water heater repair or replacement.

Duquesne Light’s recycling program only includes a $35 rebate for refrigerators or freezers, no air conditioners. Duquesne also offers rebates for new energy-efficient products, including $50 for a dehumidifier, $11 for a freezer, $10 for a refrigerator or room air conditioner, $32.50 for a central air conditioning unit or heat pump, and $300 for a solar water heater among other rebates for products such as shower heads and thermostats.

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