With renewable energy boom, German power producers pay customers to use electricity! | GBRI

In May this year, so much renewable power was generated by German utilities that the grid operators had to actually pay consumers to use electricity. According to Bloomberg, when such a thing happens, power producers either close power stations to reduce the electricity supply or pay consumers to take it off the grid.

Now this coming Sunday, wind generation in Germany alone is forecast to hit a new record. This means average prices will be negative for the German electricity customers for a whole day, not just for a few hours.

It is expected that on Sunday at 7 a.m, wind generation will peak at 39,190 megawatts—or enough to meet more than half of the country’s total demand. That’s just from wind power! Germany’s previous wind generation record was 38,370 megawatts on March 18.

Read full story here: https://www.ecowatch.com/germany-wind-surplus-electricity-2502355011.html

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