We are ingesting more than 50,000 microplastics annually | GBRI


It is a well known fact today that microplastics are literally everywhere. They have found their way into our bodies through drinking water, food and even through the air that we breathe. But did you know that an average human ingests about 50,000 pieces of plastic annually and inhales about the same amount!

And if eating 50,000 pieces of plastic per year isn’t alarming enough, the true number is likely much higher. The researchers only looked at a small number of foods and drinks. And, drinking bottled water drastically increases the amount of microplastics you consume.

“Individuals who meet their recommended water intake through only bottled sources may be ingesting an additional 90,000 microplastics annually, compared to 4,000 microplastics for those who consume only tap water,” a new study published recently in the journal Environmental Science & Technology reads.

Read more here: https://www.ecowatch.com/people-eat-microplastics-2638716775.html

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