US creates three times more waste than global average, is one of the worst when it comes to recycling | GBRI

Plastic waste

A recent analysis by English risk management firm Verisk Maplecroft has revealed that US is responsible for 12% of the total global waste (even though it has a mere 4% of the global population) and is one of the worst countries when it comes to recycling waste.mBy contrast, China and India make up more than 36% of the world’s population and produce 27% of global municipal solid waste.

On average, each American produces three times as much trash as the global mean. That includes plastics and food waste. In fact, the firm estimates that each American produces over 1,700 pounds of solid waste per year, which includes 234 pounds of plastic. That means every American’s output is three times that of the average Chinese person and seven times more than people living in Ethiopia, according to the report.

And the US is not doing well at recycling all that plastic. The firm found that the U.S. only recycled 35% of its municipal waste, while Germany, the most efficient country recycles 68% of its municipal waste.

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