UK passed a law requiring all major petrol stations to have electric car chargers | GBRI

With the cost of an electric car coming down to that of a gas-powered one within the next year or so, the demand for electric car chargers is at an all time high. Now the UK has just announced a new law that requires all major petrol stations to install electric car chargers to meet this growing demand.

The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, which was revealed during the Queen’s parliamentary speech, commits the government to improving the country’s electric charging infrastructure. It also requires that charging points be easy to access, work seamlessly across the UK and fall in line with the same set of technical and operational standards.

According to reports, the UK’s public charging infrastructure is having a tough time keeping pace with the electric vehicle uptake. While the number of electric vehicles has increased considerably in the past few years, the number of charging points has increased only marginally.

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