To raise awareness about deforestation, women are marrying trees in Mexico | GBRI

Some might consider this an extreme step to declare your love for nature, but this isn’t deterring the women in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico from marrying their leafy loves. An event named ‘Marry a Tree’ was organized in San Jacinto Amilpas, Mexico recently, where a group of women said “I do” to trees of their liking in a mass marriage ceremony.

The ceremony was led by Peruvian actor and environmentalist Richard Torres. Torres happens to already be tree-betrothed; he married a tree in Bogota, Columbia back in 2014 in an effort to encourage the rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to plant trees instead of inciting war.

“Marrying a tree is a way of protesting, to say that we need to stop exterminating Mother Earth every day, every minute, every second,” tree bride Dolores Leycigi says.

“I thought it was very interesting that we have a commitment, not only with this tree, but with all of nature,” says another tree bride, Andrea Tanat. “I thought about how much we’ve already damaged nature, so I decided to come and get married.”

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