To keep climate change in check, world needs large-scale ‘carbon sucking’ technology by 2030s | GBRI

Scientists are warning that since we’ve been unable to limit our greenhouse emissions contributing to global warming, large-scale projects to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere will be needed by the 2030s in order to keep climate change in check.

New methods to capture and store emissions- like planting more forests and pumping carbon underground- are costly, controversial and still in the early phase of testing. But “if you’re really concerned about coral reefs, biodiversity [and] food production in very poor regions, we’re going to have to deploy negative emission technology at scale,” said Bill Hare of Climate Analytics, a science and policy institute.

Carbon-sucking technologies may even be needed to hold the planet to a less ambitious two degrees of warming, said scientists at Chatham House, a British thinktank. The world has already seen an average of about one degree of warming, they said.

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