To encourage recycling, items with non-recycled plastic packaging in France would cost 10% more | GBRI

Plastic trash

In order to curb plastic pollution and improve its plastic footprint, France has launched a series of initiatives that will help the country attain its goal of reaching 100% plastic recycling by 2025.

As per the new initiatives, items without recycled packaging could cost up to 10% more, while products with recycled plastic packaging could cost up to 10% less from 2019. The country also plans to introduce a deposit-refund scheme for plastic bottles. Taxes on landfill trash will increase, while taxes for recycling will go down.

“Declaring war on plastic is not enough. We need to transform the French economy,” Junior Environment Minister Brune Poirson said to a French newspaper.

“When there’s a choice between two bottles, one made of recycled plastic and the other without, the first will be less expensive,” she said. “When non-recycled plastic will cost more, that will eliminate much of the excessive packaging.”

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