Thousands of activists demanding an end to coal extraction demonstrate in German coalfields | GBRI

Rhineland coalfields in Germany witnessed mass demonstration by thousands of environmental activists demanding to put an end to extraction of coal and other fossil fuels. In the early hours of Sunday morning, more than 4,000 activists hoisting signs that read “System change, not climate change” and chanting “Keep it in the ground!” descended on the Rhineland mines that have long been targeted by activists due to the millions of tons of carbon dioxide they emit per year.

“Germany’s lignite mines are among the biggest coal mines in the world,” Zane Sikulu, a Climate Warrior from Tonga, said in a statement. “If we don’t shut them down, we have no chance as Pacific Islanders. We’re here to protect our land, our culture and our identities as Pacific people.”

Another activist said, “Fossil fuels must stay in the ground. We are here at the scene of destruction to send out a clear signal for climate justice. Together we are many, together we are determined and strong.”

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