Thousands flee as Bali’s Mount Agung threatens to erupt any moment | GBRI

Bali’s Mount Agung is spewing smoke again, and if it erupts, hundreds of thousands of people might have to be evacuated. Already, around 40,000 families are being supported by the army and volunteers. Locals are praying for a miracle but preparing for a disaster.

Boxes filled with food, cookers and protective equipment are stacked around the edge of a huge hall, while volcano survival kits containing goggles and masks to protect from the ash are packed for people living in the danger zone.

In 1963, around 1,600 people were killed when Mount Agung erupted. Deputy Bernardus Wishnu Widjaja from the National Disaster Management Authority said they have to be ready to act immediately. He said that the community could need help for “years, maybe”.

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