This unique bio-fence in Mumbai is not just protecting mangroves but also fighting vehicular emissions | GBRI

bio-fence in Versova

A 2017 study found that while the mangrove cover in India’s financial capital Mumbai had increased by an impressive 20%, the cover in some areas like Versova, Oshiwara and other areas of Andheri, had declined by less than one sq km, mostly due to destruction.

To protect and preserve the mangroves in the suburbs of Mumbai, the state forest department recently introduced bio-fences or barriers made from plants. The step has been taken to eliminate open dumping and burning of garbage that eventually affects the health of trees.

Prashant Deshmukh, Forest Range Official, State Mangrove Cell says, ‘Burning garbage leads to air pollution and the destruction of mangroves. We hope to beautify the area through bio-fences that will discourage people from littering.’

What’s more, this natural barrier helps absorb carbon emissions from vehicles, thereby reducing air pollution in the zone.

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