This new electric truck might prove to be tough competition for Tesla Semi | GBRI

Following in the footsteps of Tesla Semi Trucks that offer a green and sustainable alternative to the traditional cargo haulers, a lot of other small companies are coming up with their own own electric trucks. One such start up is Thor Motors, which just announced its own electric cargo hauler, the ET-One. The vehicle is said to be available as soon as 2019.

The Class 8 ET-One is claimed to have a hauling capacity of 80,000 pounds and a range of about 300 miles per charge, with a 90-minute charge time. It intends to deliver a 70% savings in fuel costs per mile, as well as 60% lower maintenance costs, with the intended market being short-haul and regional fleets.

The price is expected to be about $150,000, which is significantly cheaper than the presumed $180,000 Tesla Semi. However, the two trucks as well as companies companies differ vastly. Whereas Tesla has not only its vehicle production facilities up and running, and its own battery production pipeline in place, Thor Trucks is operating out of an LA-area warehouse, where it currently takes existing truck platforms and retrofits an electric drivetrain and battery pack into them according to the needs and specifications of customers.

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