This honey-comb like structure acts as a zero-power air conditioner | GBRI

The capital city of India faces lethal heat wave in summers. To combat the sweltering heat, New Delhi based Ant Studio has designed an innovative, honey-comb resembling, zero-energy air conditioner. This low-tech, energy efficient and artistic structure harnesses the power of evaporative cooling.

Built as part of a larger beautification project for DEKI Electronics, the innovative installation is capable of cooling hot air at above 50 degrees Celsius to temperatures of less than 36 degree Celsius around the structure, while atmospheric temperature drops to 42 degrees Celsius.

The beehive-like structure comprises of densely packed terra-cotta cones. When water runs down the structure—it’s sufficient to wet the cones just once or twice a day—the process of evaporation gradually lowers the air temperature. The porous terra-cotta units absorb water that then seeps to the outer surface where it evaporates and turns into cold air. The flow of water empties out into a collection basic and gives the installation a beautiful waterfall effect.

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  • Tony G  September 16, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Doesn’t it increase humidity?


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