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Greek island Tilos

The sea horse-shaped Greek island of Tilos, nestled between Rhodes and Kos, is all set to become the first Mediterranean island to run totally on solar and wind power. As soon as the blades of its 800-kilowatt wind turbine start turning, the island will produce enough renewable power to meet the energy requirements of its 3,000 summer residents.

The island has a winter population of 400, which swells up to 3,000 in summers, putting massive strain on its dilapidated power supply. This summer, technicians are conducting the final tests on a renewable replacement system that will be fully rolled out later this year. It will allow Tilos to run exclusively on high-tech batteries recharged by a wind turbine and a solar park.

The European Commission says Tilos will be the first autonomous renewable green island in the Mediterranean. It plans to use the project as a blueprint for other small islands across the European Union that have limited grid connection to the mainland.

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