This Chinese city is becoming world’s first city to electrify its entire public bus fleet | GBRI

Shenzen, China, has been trying to replace its diesel-fueled bus fleet (which roughly comprises of 16,000 buses!) with electric ones for the past six years in an attempt to curb air pollution. The city’s efforts have now paid off as it is set to become world’s first city with an entire public bus fleet that runs on electricity.

According to the United Nations’ Climate Action program, in 2015 there were 3,600 electric buses on the city’s roads. By 2016, the number increased to 9,000. By May 2017, the number reached 14,500. The remaining 1,500 buses will go emission-free before the end of the year.

While coal remains as the main source of the buses’ power, the all-electric fleet will reduce carbon emissions by 48 percent and methane emissions by 100 percent, according to estimates cited by the Climate Action program. The city also plans to switch its taxis to electric by 2020.

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