These algae curtains are turning toxic air into fresh oxygen | GBRI

Algae curtains

The AlgaeClad system – created by a collaborative group comprising of ecoLogicStudio, UCL’s Urban Morphgenesis Lab and University of Innsbruck’s Synthetic Landscapes Lab – resembles a huge algae curtain that captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, purifies it and ultimately releases fresh oxygen.

This prototypical “bio-smart” cladding system was put in place over a building in Dublin, Ireland earlier this year for the Climate Innovation Summit. The system works by having unfiltered air coming at the bottom. This polluted air then makes its way through the curtain, coming in contact with microbes in the green algae, which capture and store the CO2 molecules.

Throughout the process, fresh oxygen is created through photosynthesis and released at the top of the curtain. Eventually, the curtain’s algal biomass can also then be harvested as a material to create other products.

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