There could be plastic in your tap water, beer and sea salt | GBRI

We all know how grave the problem of marine plastic pollution is. Now the bad news is that synthetic microfibers seem to have found their way into products we consume on a daily basis, thinking they are absolutely safe. A new study published last week found plastic particles in tap water, beer, and sea salt.

The researchers analyzed 159 samples of tap water sourced from 14 countries, 12 brands of beer brewed using water from the Great Lakes, and 12 brands of commercial sea salt, purchased in the U.S. but produced internationally.

Tap water was found to have the highest level of plastic contamination. Plastic debris was found in all 12 brands of beer that were tested. These breweries draw their water from the Great Lakes via municipal tap water, so these sources were also tested. Finally, plastic debris was found in all 12 brands of commercial sea salt that were tested.

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