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époque évolution

Friends Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco were vacationing in Morocco when Nancy noticed that Hannah fit everything she needed to travel into one small backpack. Whether she was exploring bazaars, climbing sand dunes, or dining elegantly, she had it all in there.

This is where the idea of developing a carefully edited, versatile, and low-maintenance clothing line occurred to the two friends, and époque évolution came into existence.

This sustainable fashion brand uses organic, upcycled, and deadstock fabrics to create garments that are extremely low maintenance. ‘Deadstock’ refers to excess fabric that would otherwise be discarded from textile mills and garment factories and sent to a landfill.

Fabrics are chosen specifically that do not require dry-cleaning or any other toxic care. These include non-mulesed wool that’s machine-washable, warm in winter, and cool in summer; Econyl nylon made from old fishnets and carpets; and blends of recycled polyester and non-mulesed wool.

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