The couple that helped lift the front-yard vegetable garden ban in Florida | GBRI

Vegetable gardening

Hermine Ricketts and her husband Tom Carroll spent more than a decade and a half growing veggies in their front-yard garden, not aware that what they were doing was illegal. Yes, you read that right! While the authorities allowed fruit trees and flowers in the front-yard gardens in Florida, growing vegetables was a big no-no. In short, vegetables were restricted to the backyards only.

However, this rule didn’t work for this couple, as their backyard was north-facing and didn’t get enough sun. So the couple took their case to the Florida Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of Miami Shores’ right to control design and landscaping standards.

But a few months later, victory was theirs. The front-yard garden ban touched a nerve with enough senators that a new bill just passed in mid-March, stating that Floridians are now able to grow fruit and vegetables in their front yards without fear of local government fines.

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