The contentious G7 summit sees Trump isolating US on climate change, marine plastic and trade | GBRI

Leaders of the G7 2018

As the other G7 nations agreed to cooperate on climate change, US President Donald Trump decided to stay aloof. In fact, United States was the only G7 member that refused to commit to eliminating plastic waste that is proving to be disastrous for our oceans and marine life.

After declining to attend the G7 meeting on climate change, clean energy and oceans, the US President pulled out of the summit’s official communique, which saw the other countries renew their commitments to the Paris Agreement.

The communique, which summarized the meeting of major world democracies in Charlevoix, Quebec on June 8 and 9, had already included separate statements from the US and the rest of the participants. While the statements from other participants set goals towards reducing the use of unnecessary plastics and improving recycling, the US wrote a statement focusing on the importance of “affordable and reliable energy resources.”

However, Trump’s most vocal disagreement with the world leaders focused on trade, not climate.

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