Tesla’s affordable electric car worth $35,000 is finally released | GBRI

Tesla just released its affordable Model 3 with the price tag of $35,000 making it the cheapest electric vehicle on offer from the company. It has been almost three years since the car was first announced. But when it came on the market, it was only available in longer-range, more premium-configurations that were cheaper than the Model S or Model X, but would still set you back close to $50,000.

According to Electrek, the base model will start at $35,000 with 130 mph top speed and 220 miles of range. It’s worth noting that while the range and speed look excellent compared to competitors, the standard range model does lack some niceties such as power seats. For about $2,000 extra, however, you can get a battery pack capable of 240 miles of range and slightly higher performance, and that version comes with a “Partial Premium Interior” that includes leather seats.

And while the early roll-out of the original Model 3 configurations was plagued by delays, Tesla is promising 2 to 4 weeks before deliveries start on this new model.

Read more here: https://www.treehugger.com/cars/tesla-finally-releases-its-affordable-model-3.html

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