Stella McCartney’s recent show in Paris is all about ethical fashion | GBRI

World famous fashion designer Stella McCartney has always been a huge supporter of ethical fashion and sustainability, and the invitation for her recent fashion show in Paris was a testament to the fact.

The invite was enclosed in glossy pouch with “I am 100% compostable (and so are you!)” printed on it and was accompanied by a pair of yellow socks made from 85% upcycled yarn using no water, chemicals, dyes or pesticides.

It should be noted that McCartney has been exploring ethical fashion ever since she set up in 2001, when it seemed like an eccentricity – or even a nuisance – to many in the wider industry.

Seventeen years later, McCartney’s winter collection showcased on Monday was all about ethical fashion, employing fur-free fur, skin-free skin, faux leather and “loop” trainers that use special stitching instead of glue.

Of the trend towards sustainability, McCartney said: “I hope that I am joined by more people, and I think it’s unavoidable that it will be part of the curriculum for consumption, because the next generation need a planet to live on and they deserve no less.”

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