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Starbucks recently announced its new sustainability initiative. The company CEO Kevin Johnson declared its three major sustainability targets in a public letter to the stakeholders this week. These targets aim to drastically cut carbon emissions, water use, and waste.

“Our aspiration is to become resource positive — storing more carbon than we emit, eliminating waste, and providing more clean freshwater than we use,” Johnson wrote. “By embracing a longer-term economic, equitable, and planetary value proposition for our company, we will create greater value for all stakeholders.”

Specifically, Johnson outlined three main 2030 targets:

A 50% reduction in carbon emissions in Starbucks’ direct operations and supply chain.

50% of water withdrawal for direct operations and coffee production will be conserved or replenished, with a focus on communities and basins with high water risk.

A 50% reduction in waste sent to landfill from stores and manufacturing, driven by a broader shift toward a circular economy.

“On Starbucks 50th anniversary in 2021, we will formalize our 2030 environmental goals based on what we have learned between now and then,” Johnson wrote.

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