Sperm whale found dead with 64 pounds of plastic trash inside | GBRI

A young sperm whale was found dead off Spain’s southeastern coast after ingesting 64 pounds of plastic trash that got stuck in its digestive tract. The 33-feet long whale’s body was discovered near a lighthouse in Cabo de Palos.

A necropsy revealed that the animal had trash bags, polypropylene sacks, ropes, net segments and a drum, among other things, in its stomach and intestines. Local authorities said the animal died because of inflammation of the abdominal lining, or peritonitis.

The amount of human trash in its system had become so enormous that the whale was unable to expel the garbage from its digestive system. A picture shared by a local environmental group showed what appears to be a severely underweight sperm whale.

Read full news here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2018/04/11/a-dead-sperm-whale-was-found-with-64-pounds-of-trash-in-its-digestive-system/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.63cd70f1459f

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