Spectacular white humpback whale spotted in Australia | GBRI

An extremely rare white humpback whale was spotted recently off a coast near Sydney in Australia. The spectacular animal has been named Migaloo, after the Aboriginal word for “white man” and has been seen a few times before in recent years.

Estimated to be around 31 years old, the wan whale is either leucistic- like the white giraffes recently spotted in Kenya- or a true albino, meaning that he is unable to produce pigment at all.

Brian Clark Howard writes in National Geographic that three white humpback whales, including Migaloo, have been seen off Australia in recent years. “One has been dubbed “Migaloo Junior” or the “son of Migaloo” – although no one knows whether this smaller whale is actually related to Migaloo,” he writes. “A third white humpback with black spots on its tail has also been spotted.”

Read full news here: https://www.treehugger.com/animals/magnificent-white-humpback-whale-filmed-coast-australia.html

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