Spectacular white giraffes spotted in Kenya | GBRI

Hirola Conservation Program (HCP), a Kenya-based non-governmental organization, spotted two extremely rare white giraffes in northeastern Kenya, while on a mission to protect the habitat for the hirola antelope. Rangers reported the white giraffes after hearing about them from villagers who live nearby, according to HCP, which rushed to the scene to see for themselves.

The stunning white giraffes, a mother and baby, have a genetic condition called leucism, which is not the same as albinism. According to TreeHugger, skin cells in animals with leucism don’t produce pigmentation, but soft tissues do, like in the eyes of these giraffes, which are dark.

White giraffes aren’t common in the area, and HCP said most elders say they’ve never seen the creatures. HCP quoted a ranger, Bashir, who said, “This is new to us. I remember when I was a kid, we never saw them. It must be very recent and we are not sure what is causing it.”

Read full news here: http://inhabitat.com/rare-white-giraffes-spotted-by-kenyan-conservation-group/

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