Rooftop panels comprising of tiny plants could help clean the same amount of polluted air as 100 trees | GBRI

BioSolar Leaf Panels

Imperial College London and a startup called Arborea have joined hands to develop the new BioSolar Leaf system under which tiny plants, such as microalgae, diatoms, and phytoplankton, can be grown across large platforms and can be installed just like solar panels on top of various buildings and landscapes.

The microscopic bits of biomass use photosynthesis to suck greenhouse gases out of the air and turn it into clean, breathable oxygen. According to researchers, this system uses photosynthesis to purify the same amount of air as 100 trees – all while taking up the same amount of space as a single tree.

In addition, the BioSolar Leaf technology also serves to create a sustainable source of nutritious, edible food additives that can be harvested and used for plant-based nourishment.

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