Receding waters after Hurricane Irma strands manatees on shores | GBRI

Hurricane Irma has left behind scenes of destruction and despair. An unusual natural phenomenon known as negative surge has caused the beaches to go dry, thereby stranding aquatic creatures like manatees.

A pair of manatees were found stranded in the mud near a bay in Manatee County. Michael Sechler of Sarasota posted striking pictures of the gentle creatures on Facebook and wrote, “One wasn’t moving, the other was breathing and had water in its eyes.” Luckily, law enforcement officials and a group of citizens showed up on the scene and rescued the manatees.

Alabama meteorologist James Spann warned that the negative surge will not last and people should stay away from the shorelines before the water comes back. “The water will come rushing back with a vengeance,” Spann tweeted.

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