Procter & Gamble apply for patent that hints at recyclable diapers and other absorbent products | GBRI

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Finding advanced recycling solution for absorbent hygiene products was one of Procter & Gamble’s many sustainability goals for 2030. And it seems the multinational consumer goods giant is well on its way to achieve it. The company has already applied for a patent that hints at introducing recyclable versions of absorbent products including diapers. “Who would’ve thought you could recycle used diapers? Invented by our joint venture Fater in Italy, we found out a way. The breakthrough technology recycles used absorbent hygiene products to create new products and materials of added value,” the company says. “Partnering with cities, waste operators, and other partners, we plan to have this recycling practice operational in 10 cities across the globe by 2030.” As a diaper manufacturer with about 27% of the $44 billion diaper market, Procter & Gamble has been looking to find solutions to the waste problem since quite some time now. Read more here:

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