Pringles cans, once called “villains” of the recycling world, will now get recycled | GBRI


Pringles cans were called “villains” of the recycling world by the UK Recycling Association trade organization because it was almost impossible to separate their metal bases, plastic caps, metal tear-off lids, and foil-lined cardboard sleeves for recycling purposes.

However, now Kellogg Company and TerraCycle have entered a deal that will allow consumers in the United Kingdom to return empty Pringles cans starting in December. Through the new program, shoppers can send the cans to TerraCycle, which plans to turn them into pellets for making products like benches and fence posts.

Although Kellogg’s Pringles cans are still not currently recyclable in the UK, the partnership with recycling business TerraCycle provides a consistent nationwide solution for consumers, the two companies say. Consumers will be invited to send in empty cans using free labels. In exchange, senders receive a charitable donation for each container that can be redeemed for the school, charity, or nonprofit of their choice.

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