Prince Charles calls for protection of Brazil’s cerrado | GBRI

Since the last 30 years or so, environmentalists have been quite vocal about the exploitation of Brazil’s precious Amazon rainforest by businesses for products like soy and beef. Their relentless efforts succeeded in controlling the Amazon deforestation to some extent.

However, it now appears that measures to save the rainforest might have pushed some of those activities into formerly less exploited regions such as the cerrado, a vast tropical savannah covering more than 2 million square kilometers. The Prince of Wales highlighted the issue on Wednesday morning when he called for Brazil’s cerrado, and other areas at risk around the world, to receive greater protection.

“An increasing concern is the extent to which success in reducing agricultural expansion into forests comes at the expense of the destruction of other wonderful ecosystems such as the cerrado, the chaco and the world’s remaining savannahs,” he told an international audience of government officials and business people. “All of [these landscapes] are also vital for the services they provide and the biodiversity that they sustain.”

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