Pollution killing more in India than in China | GBRI

A new study claims that India has overtaken China to become the most polluted country in the world. The number of premature deaths in India due to pollution has spiked in the recent years by a whopping 150%. Another research shows that while the number of PM 2.5s have increased tremendously in India and Bangladesh since 2010, they have stabilized in China.

Measured per head of population, a sizable 14.7 ozone-related deaths for every 100,000 people occur in India, whereas in China, the number sits much lower at 5.9.

This vast difference is mainly because of the fact that while China has undertaken many clean-energy measures after grappling with alarmingly high levels of pollution for so long, India is yet to address the extremely high levels of particulates. Lack of strong government regulation, growing population, more wealth leading to greater car ownership and an aging population more likely to suffer from the effects of air pollution are the main reasons why India is suffering so much.

Read full news here: http://www.newsweek.com/pollution-india-kills-more-china-new-study-finds-556700

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