Only 3 EU countries are actually following up with promises made at the Paris climate conference | GBRI

According to a new study, just three countries in the EU- Sweden, Germany and France- are actually pursuing environmental policies in line with promises made at the Paris climate conference. UK is ranked fifth in the list whereas Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy are judged to be propping up the league, due to their support for forestry and carbon accounting dodges that weaken the greenhouse gas reduction effort.

It is being said that most countries in the EU are taking advantage of the loopholes in climate law and are not making adequate efforts in the right direction or are just not ambitious enough.

“EU politicians portraying themselves as climate leaders should put their money where their mouth is by closing loopholes in the EU’s key climate law and pushing for more ambition,” said Femke de Jong, a member of the campaign group that co-drafted the EU Climate Leadership Board survey.

The main problem that the policy-makers in EU countries are facing is the profound, costly and immediate nature of changes required to limit global warming to 2*C, as decided in the Paris agreement.

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