One of UK’s biggest energy firms ‘Scottish Power’ ditches fossil fuels, shifts completely to wind power | GBRI

Scottish Power

Scottish Power, one of UK’s six biggest energy companies, just sold off its last remaining gas power stations to Drax for a sum exceeding £700 million. With this move, the company has completely gotten rid of fossil fuels for energy generation.

Iberdrola, Scottish Power’s Spanish parent company, said the move was part of its strategy to tackle climate change and would free it up to invest in renewables and power grids in the UK.

Included in the £702million sale are four gas power stations in England, two hydro schemes and a pumped storage plant in Scotland. That leaves Scottish Power producing all its power from wind farms.

However, the company’s 5 million domestic customers will still be supplied with a mix of green and brown electricity, with some bought from other coal and gas power plant operators.

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