NYC just passed a historic bill to cut emissions from big buildings | GBRI

Tall buildings in NYC

Taking a huge step towards fighting climate change, the New York City Council passed a historic bill on Thursday that aims to drastically reduce carbon emissions from the thousands of large buildings in the city.

The bill requires big buildings to meet new standards aimed at reducing their carbon emissions by 40% over the next decade. That will require many building owners to take measures to make them more energy efficient.

The bill is packaged with several other green initiatives in the Climate Mobilization Act and was passed ahead of Earth Day, which is Monday.

It should be noted that buildings produce over 65% of the city’s emissions as they use huge amounts of energy for heating, cooling and lighting. And most of the times, they tend to use energy inefficiently – leaking heat in the winter and cool air in the summer through old windows or inadequate insulation.

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