Now an app that attempts to help restaurants in cutting food waste by half | GBRI

It is a well known fact that food waste has a huge environmental impact. It has been estimated that almost one third of the total food produced in the world is wasted mindlessly and ends up in landfills due to one reason or the other and often, grocery stores and restaurants are the biggest culprits.

But now a new app, called the Winnow System smart meter, could help restaurants measure and analyze the food they toss. It identifies the types of food they tend to throw away, collects data from an electronic scale, and tells them the value of what’s being wasted. This info could lead to improvements in a restaurant’s production processes.

About 200 kitchens have already cut their food waste in half using the solution, according to Winnow. Sofitel Hotels & Resorts, for example, saved more than $60,000 in a single location by reducing food waste.

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