Nissan is putting old Leaf batteries to good use – It is using them to power streetlights | GBRI

Electric cars are considered environment-friendly alternatives to the regular gas guzzling vehicles and are meant to reduce our carbon emissions, but it is often questioned that what do companies with the old batteries after they’ve been discarded.

Nissan has come up with an excellent way to use these batteries. The auto giant is taking recycled Nissan Leaf batteries and using them to power streetlights.

Called “The Light Reborn,” it uses a solar panel that charges up a battery, which can then power the LED at night with no external connection required. Nissan is testing the product today in Namie, Japan – a city that was abandoned after the Fukushima nuclear disaster – and plans to do a full-scale installation in the town later this year.

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  • Larry M Menkes CSBA  March 29, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    A great idea and useful in all sorts of transportation (and other) applications.


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